Zyto Scans

Do you look in your cabinet and see a bunch of half-used nutritional supplements, some of which seemed like a good idea when you first got them, but now you have no idea what they do or if they make sense for you and your current state of health? Now you can take the guesswork out of nutritional supplements. Using the sophisticated BioResonance testing done in the Zyto scans, we can help you know exactly what issues your body is struggling with and what nutritional supplements will respond to those needs. No more guessing, no more spending loads of money on supplements, protein powders, green foods, and every latest hot thing on the market.

Each Zyto scan covers a different area of interest, and many of these have been custom designed by Dr. D’Brant. The scans take 20 minutes to an hour, and with every one you get an emailed report of up to 33 pages with color charts and graphs outlining in detail the most important things for you to know, along with concrete suggestions and real-time steps that will bring your body back into balance. Take a look at the list of Zyto Scans available:

  • Basic Scan – Gives fundamental information about what nutritional supplements you need to get into balance and what are the most important health issues to focus on.

  • Advanced Scan – More developed scan including everything in the basic scan, but with more detail about organs, meridians, teeth, and vertebrae.

  • Lifestyle Scan – Gives information about issues such as gastrointestinal (GI) function, hormone and endocrine function, detoxification function, and immune system function. It also details what’s stressing each area, which nutritional supplements will bring the areas into balance, and the ten foods that are most beneficial for this individual. It also tells exactly which services (such as yoga, chiropractic, lymph drainage, or far infrared sauna) that will help balance each of these systems.

  • Weight Loss Scan – Provides helpful information about issues in that may impede the body obtaining its optimal weight and body fat levels. It tells which nutritional supplements will help most with these issues.

  • Foods for Wellness Scan – Gives information about which foods are most compatible with your body and which ones you’re least compatible with.

  • Digestion Scan – Focuses on the gastrointestinal system and which issues are causing this system to not function optimally. It provides detailed information about which nutritional supplements will aid in restoring proper digestion.

  • Anxiety and Depression Scan – Highlights issues regarding these two conditions and which factors may be contributing to their development. It also focuses on which nutritional supplements will help bring one’s mental health back into balance.

  • Brain Function Scan – provides information regarding brain function, what stressors may be affecting it including neurological, chemical, vaccination contaminants and other toxins. This scan is valuable for all concerned with age related cognitive decline and autistic spectrum disorder for children or adults. The scan will also provide suggested modalities and nutritional supplements to help balance brain function.

  • Autoimmune Scan – Gives information about what factors may be involved with developing autoimmune issues or conditions, and which nutritional supplements will be best suited to respond to these issues.

  • Female Hormone Scan – Provides information about hormonal issues and imbalances and the nutritional supplements that will bring the body back into balance.

  • Male Hormone Scan – Provides information about men’s hormonal issues and imbalances, and which nutritional supplements will bring the body back into balance.

  • Hydration Scan – Provides information about the hydration status of the body, what issues may be impacting it, and what nutritional supplements will help to bring the body’s hydration into balance.



Zyto Testimonial

I got the Standard Process items listed in the Zyto report late last week and felt an immediate improvement, especially with my leg cramps. I ended up playing the hardest tennis I’ve played in probably 18-24 months on Saturday, and though I am tired after 90 minutes or so, I was able to hold my own with some very good players. I was surprised and delighted to realize that the Zyto had identified my nutritional supplement needs so accurately and was able to give me immediate support for an area of concern. Thanks so much!
— VD – Black Mountain, N.C.