“When I first started working with Dr. D’Brant, I weighed 375lbs. I have lost 195 pounds. Dr. D’Brant has helped me by working with my diet and structuring it in such a way that I am less hungry and feel much more satisfied now….Dr. D’Brant has helped me in other areas as well, for instance with my back, neck, and shoulder pain. He has helped me become less inflamed and in better health overall.” – G.A., Great Neck, NY

“…I have been to see Dr. D’Brant for a total of four adjustments and the change in my pain is remarkable. I am walking with almost no pain, feel much more mobile in general, and am excited at what lies ahead. Dr. D’Brant is also working on my neck, which has been stiff and painful as well. He has helped me understand that my whole spine and body are involved in what has been happening.” – R.C., Glen Head, NY


“ I’m middle-aged and found myself lethargic, overweight, and stressed. I assumed that was just a part of life and getting older, and though I desperately wanted change, nothing was working. All that changed when I began working with Dr. D’Brant five weeks ago. Since then we have worked on getting my body detoxified,  and the results are fantastic and have me excited to keep going! He approaches helping patients in varied ways geared towards where each person is. So far my chronic sinus pressure is gone, I sleep soundly, and I have my energy back. Though weight loss was not my goal initially, I’ve lost 10 pounds and the unforgiving bloat. I feel balanced and happy, and I’ve just started.” – K.C., Glen Head, NY


“For years I felt tired all the time and could not absorb enough oxygen to play tennis, ski, or bike as well as I would like. After making minor changes to my diet and following Dr. D’Brant’s protocol for adrenal fatigue, I have lost about 12 lbs. and a few inches off my waist. More importantly, I do not feel bloated, and at age 54 I just out-skied my 38 year old nephew and can play tennis without running out of breath as quickly as I used to. I also sleep better and am in a much better mood all day and do not feel tired.” – E.V., Great Neck, NY


“I met Dr. D’Brant when my husband called to make an appt for me. I was in horrible low back pain and my husband actually cancelled the appt because I couldn’t move. The pain was so severe that I couldn’t stand or move at all. I was in real agony. Dr. D’Brant came to my home, where I was wedged between the bed and the wall. I couldn’t move, and he helped me with his gentle care. Within a half an hour I could finally move again. Her performed a miracle on me.” – D.P., Glen Head, NY


“When I entered the office, it was with severely limited range of motion in my neck, and one shoulder literally lower than the other. I left the office being able to move freely, and nearly pain-free.” – C.M., West Sayville, N.Y.


“The pain was affecting my (dog training) business. I was unable to drive comfortably and the dog training seem to make the pain worse. … I am happy to report that after only a few weeks of treatment with Dr. D’Brant my knee is doing so much better. This past weekend I was able to do 20 dog trainings in three days with little discomfort. After months of pain and discomfort prior to meeting Dr. D’Brant, I am finally feeling better and able to work full time again.” – D.C., East Norwich, NY


 “…I can say without any reservations that Dr. D’Brant is the finest holistic chiropractor I have ever had the pleasure and luck to be treated by. I say luck simply because I have to admit that it is very hard to find such a knowledgeable, capable, and genuinely caring chiropractor all in one. Dr. D’Brant is so much more than a standard chiropractor; he is an excellent holistic doctor and is capable of offering real world solutions to any number of conditions. As a part of the initial evaluation, a complete list of conditions were listed that he could personally diagnose and treat….I personally recommend Dr. D’Brant for any and all conditions.” – R.M., Glen Cove, NY


“…I just got the blood test results from my annual physical and was astounded to see that after 3 months of nutritional shakes, supplements, and adrenal support my cholesterol came back at 198! This is my lowest number ever. In addition to losing 15 lbs and dropping my body fat by 9%, I have a noticeably improved sense of physical well being….I cannot thank Dr.D’Brant enough for helping me make these positive changes to my lifestyle and personal health.” – M.S., Sea Cliff, NY


“Dr. D’Brant recommended a program to restore my adrenal health, which consisted of lifestyle modifications, nutritional changes, and supplementation. I can say without reservation that I am feeling SO much better after over two months following his recommendations. I am sleeping through the night for the most part, and better yet I feel rested when I wake up. I have a lot more energy and I feel more balanced emotionally. I feel a whole lot more like I used to feel before my hormones went out of balance. I am a happy person now. Thank you, Dr. D’Brant!” – X.T., New Hyde Park, NY


For several months I couldn’t sleep through the night, I felt restless, anxious, and my mind never stopped racing. During the work day, I struggled to stay focused, often feeling anxious, tired, and disoriented. I also noticed that I was developing fears of flying on an airplane. This became so pronounced that on our family vacations, we could only go to places driving locally. When I saw Dr. D’Brant, he diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue and started me on a course of treatment, including lifestyle modifications. Dr D’Brant, I would like to thank you for changing my life, and giving me the knowledge on how to take care of my health and wellbeing. Due to the changes that I made, later that summer I got on an airplane and took my family to Italy for a vacation that we will never forget. – N.B., New Hyde Park, NY


“…The nutrients and supplements I took added to a growing sense of feeling lighter and healthier. Soon, my energy level began to soar, along with improved mental clarity and a lifted lighter mood. I resumed exercising and felt happier and more enthusiastic, and comfortably lost a total of 12 pounds. It was an excellent way to jump start a healthy lifestyle, and I highly recommend doing Dr. D’Brant’s detoxification program!” – D.S., Merrick, NY


“…I have lost 20 pounds, I have so much more energy, and my arthritis pains are under control. Dr. D’Brant has definitely been the driving force to my well-being! I always look forward to my visits because the education he shares with me is invaluable. Dr.D’Brant commits himself completely to his patients health and minds! I would recommend Dr. D’Brant for a lighter and brighter future!” – C.C., Glen Head, NY


“About two months ago, I began seeing Dr. D’Brant for a stomach issue. Not only have my stomach problems ceased, but he cured my TMJ almost completely after just 2 visits. After suffering with moderate to severe TMJ for five years, I now do not have even the slightest pain. I would recommend seeing Dr. D’Brant for anything and everything.” – D.L., Lindenhurst, NY


“…A longstanding condition coupled with a sudden neck injury left me feeling as if a sheet of razorblades separated my head from my shoulders–the pain was intractable and immobilizing. Dr. Garry’s adjustment brought immediate relief, and over the next several weeks I experienced total improvement.” – K.S., Sea Cliff, NY

“Over the last 25 years, I have sought personal and professional assistance from many different types of holistic healers. Dr. Garry D’Brant is absolutely the best healer that I have ever known. He is extremely knowledgeable and proficient in the chiropractic and naturopathic arts, nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, and emotional healing.” – A.G., South Orange, NJ


“I trust and respect Dr. Garry D’Brant and his work as he is a sensitive, intuitive healer with a firm grounding in many paths leading to wellbeing. He is adept at balancing his work with his patients by creating an accepting and non-judgmental environment, while at the same time giving firm, loving support.” – K.C., Huntington, NY


Dr. D’Brant has given me a safe space to visit the places and issues within me which I would prefer to ignore and avoid. He has helped me and my partner maintain a long term successful relationship.” – J.O., Bellmore, NY


“I had a documented case of spinal stenosis and several herniated discs that are usually only corrected with surgery. Dr. D’Brant’s treatments have saved me from having to endure that experience.  Not only am I free of pain completely, but his treatments have allowed me to live not only normally but also vigorously.” – R.B., East Williston, NY

“For about a year I suffered from fecal incontinence. I had no idea why this occurred. I consulted my colon rectal MD and two gastroenterologists. Whatever they advised me to do did not work. On my own I decided to take a stool test.  My report said I was lacking in pancreatic enzymes. I finally decided to consult with Dr. Garry D’Brant, a chiropractor, nutritionist and naturopath with 40 years’ experience in helping people overcome difficult health issues. I showed this report to Dr D’Brant and he suggested taking a digestive enzyme which would help my pancreas with digestion. What a difference.!  Within a few days the incontinence stopped, and my stool had a normal consistency.  I have not had the problem since, and this is an issue I have suffered with for years!” – KI, Wantagh, NY