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Dr. D'Brant's philosophy of healing recognizes and honors the entire person, including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts. He is trained in energetic medicine with over 40 year’s experience in helping find solutions to complex and chronic health problems. Each person is a unique individual and not just a collection of symptoms. Addressing whichever aspects of the person that are out of balance, he creates customized wellness plans that will help a person regain lost vitality, eliminate pain, help shed unwanted body weight and fat, improve digestion of food and nutrients, clear stagnant emotions, and help restore a joyful attitude towards living. Dr. D'Brant fully appreciates that each person is their own best healer. His gentle and compassionate guidance and comprehensive knowledge of natural healing includes chiropractic, natural medicine, body-centered psychotherapy, nutrition, Chinese and Eastern medicine, homeopathy, and vitamin and mineral supplementation. As a hope merchant of healing, he specializes in empowering people in their journey to greater health and infinite wellness!